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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Zomo Tobacco

Each blend features a dark and juicy cut with a sweet but cooling undertone that chills each puff. Zomo tobacco is manufactured in Paraguay and leads the competition by being the #1 brand in South America.

Wooowee! The Zomo train has arrived and we are super excited to have on board. This flavorful shisha comes to use from South America, where it is praised by the hookah fans for its powerful aroma and sweet taste. These flavors are available in a 50g box with a interior pouch, the cut of the tobacco is blonde and very juicy for super thick clouds. The Zomo flavor line can be enjoyed within any style of hookah or bowl, just apply your heat after filling the bowl and you're good to go.

This brand offers the wildest and most tasteful blends of tobacco some you might have never even heard of before.

Zomo Tobacco flavors are created in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, near Brazil and Argentina. They provide multiple collections of shisha blends that utilize both blonde and dark leaf tobacco but never together in the same package. The blonde leaf blends are designed to be lower in nicotine and so they can easily be enjoyed/prepared by new hookah smokers or daily users like us in the warehouse. On the other side of the nicotine buzz spectrum we have their dark tobacco that we recommend to our buzz chasers and veteran hookah fans.

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